Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey-PBS


Today was a special day for our school. Because we had very important visitors coming to our school. Rachel from the summer learning journey program came to talk to us. The Next foundation. We had a visitor Rachel from the summer learning journey come speak to us about the program. Rachel supports the SLJ and works for WFRC. We had so many great visitors come and support the SLJ and next foundation. Another visitor was Bill Komode he was from the next foundation.And he came and talked how awesome summer learning journey was going. The came and donated a resable amount of money to keep the Summer learning journey going. After our visitors spoke to us we watched the movie about the SLJ. It was fun having a big camure crew in our class. After that we received a free lunch from the Eat my launch crew.

Germany - Collaborative Challenge

In LS2 we have been learning how to work collaboratively with each other. Our task was to research a country and explain how they celebrate Christmas.  The country that we were researching was Germany. We were researching the traditions, food and etc. I learnt that in Germany kids place nice and clean boots in front of their door so St Nicolas (Santa) can visit them and leave a small gift. St Nicolas doesn't really come, its just a family member dressed as Santa. I found that Santa's name is really interesting because it's hard to read. 

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Google Scratch

On goggle there is this really cool game.  Called Google Scratch. This game was really challenging because every time I got out I keep trying. Google Scratch was a fun game and everytime I moved to the next level I got more carrots and the level will become even harder.

Teamwork In Panmure Bridge School

For the year 7 leadership speach. we are going to be picking our leaders for 2018. This is going to help us next year for leadership. Savelina,Viva,Shakiah and I created a poster that reminds us about how to get involved,motivate others and make sure everyone understands what to do.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Reflection Tech

Tech has been fun this year. It was a amazing experience. I got to learn so many great things like wood works,Cooking and Art. Tech was great and I enjoyed every moment of it. My favorite was Wood works because I got to design what I want to make like trucks or draws. I wanna say a big thank you to the Tamaki College staff for teaching us many great things.

Summer Learning Journey.

On Friday at our school assembly we had a special guest Hazel and Rachel that are from the Summer Learning Journey program. They came and visited our school. They spoke to us about the Summer Learning Journey and how we can enter and how easy it is to enroll yourself into. The theme is going to be time travel which is really interesting. Were going to be studying about the past and all the cool things that happened.

Tech Tamaki Colloge-PE

On Friday we had another rotation of tech. We were split into groups PE, Socail studys and Robotices. I was in PE.  PE was fun we all got to participate in all the games. Our teacher was Mr Moyes and he was really cool. We played 3 games Samoa softball,Infinity tag and benchball was all fun. We got splitted up into groups and worked as a team. Our team cheered us on when we got out and when we were trying to get an goal. It was fun for everyone because everyone participated and followed the rules propley.

Friday, 1 December 2017


For tech our focus has been art. I drawed my culture partens. The process of carving was hard because you needed to be very steady with the carving tool. We had to draw our plan on paper just in case we messed up on cardboard.  The we had to carve our designs. After that was done we got paint over the cardboard yellow and then wash the board. Then we had to do four more colors after carving out all the yellow and repeated the process. after doing 4 colors on my cardboard we also had to repeat the 4 colors I did on my board and transfer it  to my papers. I'm finally finished and this is my finishing result.