Thursday, 23 November 2017

Fire safety

We have been focusing on emergency serveries for inquiry. Being fire safety is very important. You always need to be careful with fire. If you have a lighter or matches always give them to an adult. It takes 1 minute for a whole house to catch fire. So be careful with fire.

Firestation visit

Our foucs has been emergency services for inquiry. On Tuesday we visited the Mt Wellington fire station. The firefighters spoke to us about how they solve fire emergencys and car crash emergency's. I enjoyed watching whats in the fire truck and when they cuted a car inpart. 

Tuesday, 21 November 2017


For maths we have been focusing on the correct startgey to use for our maths equations. Savelina,Javeylor and I made a DLO and used screeencastfiy to show the stargey and how we did it. This was easy because we have done something similar like this before using screencastify. 

Learning to Motivate

We are learning about leadership as next year Y7 will be our school leaders. Today we looked at what motivation means. We then worked collaboratively to create role plays to help us see what motivating others looks like, so we can learn to motivate others. 

Friday, 17 November 2017

Helicopter and Police men

For inquiry we have been focusing on community services. A few police officers, A police helicopter and Police dogs came to our school to vist. They talked to us about keeping our community safe and what they use the helicopter for like emergency's like robbers or finding someone. Then the dogs came. Police dogs help the officers by smelling where there located or to smell drugs. What surprised me the most I didn't know that the German shepherd police dogs have 42 teeth.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Manaaiakalani Film Festvil

Yesterday was the 10th Manaaiakalani film festival anniversary at Sylvia Park Hoyts theater. The festival ten years ago with the film making from different schools.  And now got located to Sylvia Park Hoyts. Our whole school got to watch all the amazing movies from different schools in the Panmure cluster. I enjoyed many of the movies but one of my favorites were no more sugar by Tamaki Primary. It was all about don't eat lots of sugar and start eating healthy.

Badminton-Kiwi Sports

Today we had kiwi spots. Kiwi sports great with Kevin. We learnt how to use  the fourhand and back hand and stroke technique with the racket. my partner was Savelina we had lots of fun going back and forth. With the racket. I found doing the backhand technique challenging because it was hand to catch with the racket.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Animal Adaptions - Zebra Shark

LS2 have been learing about Animal Adaptions. Zarah and I chose a zebra shark. We used our searching skills to find were they adapt to there surroundings, what they eat, what they look like, where they live, and what kind of predators are there.

Friday, 3 November 2017


Today we went to tech at Tamaki Colloge. Our group is doing art. For our art today I finished off coloring my drawing and carving my art. I found carving my drawing very hard because the carving tool was hard to control but became easy to use. I enjoyed painting my art. And transferring it to paper 3 times.

Firework Safety

Today LS2 and LS1 joined together to do a task. We talked about the history about guy Fawkes and how it become popular. Jousha and I have made a presentation about safety rules about fireworks. What was surprising as I didn't know that guy Fawkes tried to kill the king in the Parliament.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

How Children Learn at School- Explantion

How Children Learn at School?

Children learn from their mistakes. It’s important to learn because they go to school and build their knowledge for the future. They can learn to understand. Writing,Reading maths and inquiry. We all learn different from each other. Why do children need to learn? The need to learn to understand to work with each other collaborate and be a team.

How do children learn at school. In our school we use devices. Others use papers,books and pencils to learn. Now days we use chromebooks which is absolutely amazing. Technology is more easier that books because you can blog your work and  it will stay on the internet. Instead of books. When it comes to deleting on devices you just press delete. On paper or books you have to cross out or erase.

For children to learn. They copy each other. Children communicate and work together as a team. Children observe what the teacher does. They use different learings and new learings to learn. Children learn from eacthother when they learn together

Children use technology. Because it’s more easier and more convenient. Children around the world learn different. Kids use their imagination. When they play games,Dress ups and what they wanna be when they grow up

It’s important for children to learn. Because they have a long start in front of them. They learn from their mistakes. By following the rules taking risks and talking to each other to learn.

We have been writing explanations. Carl and Imade a explanation on paper. Our explanation was how children learn at school. We had mistakes about spelling but was easily fixed.