Thursday, 15 November 2018

Book week - Meerkats

At Panmure Bridge School we are celebrating book week. Today Mrs Anderson read us a book about Meerkats, this book was very interesting and the pictures went well with this book. This is by written Emily Graveft. After reading the book we had to create a DLO about Meerkats. Did you know Meerkats live in a pack of 50 and everyone helps looking for food. 

Book Week - Do illustrations matter? Why

Since book week is this week at our school we have been focusing on books. In the morning our class had to take turns answering questions about books, I collaborative worked with Savelina & Joshua V. After answering all questions we had, to choose one of the question and make a graph about all the students who agreed to the question. I chose to illustrations matter?

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Why did the war take long to end WW1 - Inquiry

Today we had to write some questions on paper, about WW1. Here is one of the questions we deiced to answer. This is why did the WW1 take so long to end? this lasted for 4 years, and it finally ended on the 11th of November 11th month of the 11th year and 11th hour. 

How did WW1 end on the 11th of November

Today we have been learning about the war. Today we had to write down questions, and things we wanted to know in WW1. Joshua & I came up with why did the WW1 end on the 11th of November, out of all the dates why the 11th?

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Today we had to choose a book we like and recreate the cover of the book. I worked collaborative with Joshua to do this. The book we deiced to do was the diary of the wimpy kid, there are a lot of series of this book, you can read. There is also movies to this to. Here is the cover we designed to do, this is kinda similar to the original cover.

Series of Germinal Stilton

Today we were given activity's to do about books, since our school is celebrating book week. Today I have a some of the books by Germinal Stilton series, the ones I ticked are the ones I have read. There is so many Germinal Stilton books to choose from. 

History of books I have read - Panmure Bridge Book Week

Panmure Bridge school is celebrating book week. Books takes us on a journey in our mind. This is a pathway of my history about books till when I was 5 and now. My favorite book is the Geronimo Stilton Books or series. His books are really interesting and take you on adventures, with the pictures and words he writes.