Friday, 6 July 2018

Pros and Cons

In our group we talked about the pros and cons of a lighthouse. Which is the positive things to have in a lighthouse and Negative things to do or have in a lighthouse. I worked collaboratively with my group, Jousha V, Jeremiah L, Freeman and San Kyaw

For sale DLO - Lighthouse

Since we have been learning about lighthouses in our groups. We deiced to make a for sale poster about a lighthouse. Here is my poster as you can see its a very large building with a nice view looking from the sky. 

Chicago Sports Team

This week we have been learning about the Chicago sports team. For this I worked collaboratively with Jousha V, San kyaw, Freeman, Joshph and Jeremiah L. On each slide there is facts about the Chicago sports team. 

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Matariki Celebration

Today for the Matariki Celebration we had amazing performances from the Kapa Haka, Pacific group, ukulele and drumming they all tryed there very best and did well. Since Moari New years are today we had a big kai thanks two Miss Whaea Odie for providing the sausages for our sassuage sizzle. 

Matariki Collaborative Learning - Seven stars

Since Matariki has started we deiced to learn more about it. We got into groups with LS1 to finshe this task. We all worked collaboratively together.  We created a information poster on a goggle slides about Matariki. We used our smart searching skills to find important information about the seven stars of Matariki and the definition of Matariki. 

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

M&M's - Research

We have been focusing on M&M's for all this week. To do this task we worked in groups. I worked collaboratively with Freeman, Jousha V, Jeremiah L, San Kyaw and Joseph. We had to research the history be hide m&m's and some interesting facts. We all had to present to the class our presentation about m&m's. Did you know that m&m's were originally in cardboard tubes and sold to only soldiers int he military. 

Friday, 29 June 2018

The Inchape rock - Balled Poem

This week we have been focusing on the poem the inchcape rock. For this my favorite part was verse 10, because he deiced to steal all the treasure and be greedy but at the end he ended up going to hell for cutting the inchcape bell.