Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Richard Pearse

Today in groups we had to collaboratively work together to research a New Zealander that invented something useful. We deiced to do Richard Pearse he is a inventor, engineer and farmer. He was also one of the first to make a successful plane in 1903. Savelina, Avalon, Angela,Joshua and I created a comic strip about him and his interventions. 

Monday, 10 December 2018

What is steampunk?

Last week we have been focusing on the Victoria era and steampunk. Last week we drawed our steampunk design's on paper and than drawed it digitally on a goggle draw. I drawed a ladybug with different types of machinery in it. Sky and I created a DLO about Victoria and Britain food. Poor people in Britan would eat alot of horrbile food, like rotain fruit, potatoes and sheep trotters. While rich people would eat a hot meal. 

Friday, 30 November 2018

Sergeant Haane Manahi of Te Arawa

In inquiry we have been focusing on WW1. I have created my own medal. I chose to reward this medal to Sergeant Haane Manahi of Te Arawa, which is a soilder that fighted in WW1. On the medal it has the silver fern & shovel. This represents what he did in WW1. The silver fern represents New Zealand, while the sholver represents digging the trenchers. Down below is a Maori Culture design. 

Monday, 26 November 2018

Maori Pioneer Battalion - Timeline

For inquiry we have been focusing on WW1. Today Sky, Nickeala and we have created a Timeline on the Maori Pioneer Battalion. This activity was a time to be respectful and remember those who have lost their lives during WW1.

Thursday, 22 November 2018

What signs are needed in the library

I have created a poster on what kind of signs are needed in a library. There are all sorts of different signs in every library. Some of these signs could be.Be quiet, no eating, no hoodies or glasses.

Alphabet Key -

Today Joshua and I have created a Alphanbet key. Listing books that are in an alphabetical order. This is one of the tasks on the M1 Matrix sheet, which has a list of tasks to do about books. Since our school has book week.

What is a book club - Book week activity

Today we have been doing our book week activity's since book week was recently. One of the activity's I deiced to do was what is a book club and why do people join. Here I have created a DLO about why people join and what it is.