Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Fraction Strategy - Screencastify

Today I have done a Screencastify for one of my maths DLO's. To do this I had to plan on a document write a script and add a cursor to make my screencastify easy to look at. I then had to download the screencastify app. I then opened my DLO. By clicking the link down below on the document.  I first opened all the tabs before videoing my work I had help from my friends that helped me with the cursor. After  I download the app. There would be a Screencastify folder where all you'r videos go. Were able to do 50 videos a month. I then clicked record and it will automaticly saves into you'r folder in your drive. We than all changed our links so whoever has the link can view our work. And that's how I done my screencastify. A big thank you to Ms Grant for teaching us how to use a screencastify.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017


I have created a DLO about Jean Batten and her excellence and inactivation. First I had to research A New Zealander that has showed excellence and inactivation. I researched Jean Batten. Jean Batten was the first person to fly across the world. Jean Batten was the first New Zealander to.


This is for my attitude CAREAWARD. We had to research the role of PHN in school. And tell others how they help us. Today I have learnt that PHN stands for Public Health Nurse. Our school has phn everyday.

Aretha Franklin Respect Song.

Aretha Franklin is a singer songwriter. This DLO has information about Aretha Franklin and what her song respect means.  Aretha Franklin singed one of her famous song respect. The song respect has a important message beside it. This song means everyone deserves respect men,women and anyone.

Maths- Revesion

Today I have been playing time table games so I can be faster at my time tables. Today I have played Tables Conga this game helps me know my time table tables quick. This game goes up to 20 so that means you can do any time tables up to 20. 

Monday, 16 October 2017

Reversion Challenges

Today I have been doing some reversion challenges so I can get better at my reversion. And get quicker at my time tables. Today I have played a game on maths fun about times tables. I have been practicing my times tables on games because it will help me get better and better at my timetables and answer the question fast.