Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Why it's great to be me.

  Its great to be me because were young and we have lots of energy. Its great to me because we don't need a lot of things grown ups do. I really like butter chicken,Strawberry, ice creams and grapes,. When I grow up my goal is to have a really good job and be happy


  1. Hi Brookyln,
    It defiantly is great to be you. I love your word cloud, it's very easy to look at, I also love the colour choice. It's interesting that we have the same favorite foods. Hopefully you will reach your goal one day.

    Keep it up, Nazella

  2. Hi Brooklyn
    I liked reading about why its great to be you. I really like ice-cream and strawberries too. I hope when you grow up you reach your goal and you are happy.