Wednesday, 1 November 2017

How Children Learn at School- Explantion

How Children Learn at School?

Children learn from their mistakes. It’s important to learn because they go to school and build their knowledge for the future. They can learn to understand. Writing,Reading maths and inquiry. We all learn different from each other. Why do children need to learn? The need to learn to understand to work with each other collaborate and be a team.

How do children learn at school. In our school we use devices. Others use papers,books and pencils to learn. Now days we use chromebooks which is absolutely amazing. Technology is more easier that books because you can blog your work and  it will stay on the internet. Instead of books. When it comes to deleting on devices you just press delete. On paper or books you have to cross out or erase.

For children to learn. They copy each other. Children communicate and work together as a team. Children observe what the teacher does. They use different learings and new learings to learn. Children learn from eacthother when they learn together

Children use technology. Because it’s more easier and more convenient. Children around the world learn different. Kids use their imagination. When they play games,Dress ups and what they wanna be when they grow up

It’s important for children to learn. Because they have a long start in front of them. They learn from their mistakes. By following the rules taking risks and talking to each other to learn.

We have been writing explanations. Carl and Imade a explanation on paper. Our explanation was how children learn at school. We had mistakes about spelling but was easily fixed.

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