Monday, 7 August 2017

Retell and Paraphrase 2

Title - Scott and the Gladiator

What happened in the beginning?

What happened in the middle?

What happened at the end?
What happened in the beginning ? mirror and someone looked back at him. The boy in the mirror pulled him from the other side of the mirror. Scott was in the arena in Rom.

What happened in the start? Scott was fighting the Gladiator in the arena after him was. a lion but the lion wasn't chasing Marucas so Scott went to help him by waving his  sword towards the the lion. For the lion to go away.

What happened at the end? Towards the end Scott gave the shield to Marcus but then something weird happened the sun made the shield gleam like a mirror. And when Scott looked at the shield he was falling into it. Scott was back in his bedroom

For reading we read a book called Scott and the Gladiator. This book was a about a boy called Scott. That looks in his mirror. And sees a boy. The boy takes him to the arena to fight. Today I have created a  goggle document about the parts in the story. beginning middle and end.

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