Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Chinese New Year- Explanation

How Chinese New Year Is celebrated?

The famous Chinese New Year is celebrated around the world. It is celebrated with people cleaning their homes for the start of spring. People around the world put up red posters with poetic sentences on them and put them on their doors. Chinese New Year is also the time where friends and family meet up and enjoy their time together.

Near the end of the holiday people light lanterns and either let them fly in the sky or on let them float on top of water.  In the middle of the celebration people light fireworks and firecrackers. People often give unmarried people and kids red envelopes with money inside.

At night people eat their dinner packed with lots of delicious foods. They celebrate with some specific foods like Shrimp , Noodles and Egg Rolls. These three foods represent a long life,happiness and gold bars. Foods that are common when eating on chinese new year is fish,Wassabi,Kimchi, vegetables , rice and curry. Other cultures celebrate chinese new year because of the special events that happen.

The tradition is also about 12 animals. These animals competed in a race which the Jade emperor will chose its year for it to be celebrated. The recent year 2018 is the dog. Chinese New Year is celebrated because a dragon would arrive on the new moon and goes when the full moon comes up.

People celebrate Chinese New Year to remember the Chinese legend about the Mysterious beast who would visited the town and scared the people in the village… But a old man stumbled towards the village and told them about the beasts weakness. The colour red , loud noises and more. The beast then left on the full moon never to visit again.

We have started to write an explanation about the Chinese New Year. Nyjah and I have worked collaborative together to finish this task. I have learnt a lot about a structure of an explanation. We went into groups of four so we can check each others work. We had joined Savelina and Mele. They had checked for mistakes on our work. This really helped our explanation to be better then it was before.

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  1. Kia Ora Brooklyn,
    My name is Caitlyn. I am a year 8 student from Karoro school.
    I really like your writing about the chinese new year. I haven't celebrated the chinese new year and I haven't really learnt about it. It is really interesting to learn about other cultures and their celebrations.

    Next time I think that you could make the words a bit bigger. The words are a little bit too small. Also next time make sure that your words don't run of the page because it is really hard to read. Don't worry though it has happened to me alot. Also make sure when you are writing in a paragraph that everything is of one idea because you are just adding random stuff in.

    Once again I really like your writing about the chinese new year. In your writing you had some really good describing words and all of your sentences make sense. Have you ever celebrated the chinese new year?
    It made me want to learn about it more.

    From Caitlyn
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